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Fern's Fanciful Creations is the overhead company which is divided into DreamSpiration and Fernelopie. 

DreamSpiration places my photography, drawings, and quotes on products for a royalty. It includes a variety of subjects such as Nature, Autism/Special Needs, and Christian. 

Fernelopie specializes in handmade jewelry and decorative hats. I run all areas of this segment myself (from creation to sales to customer service), so the profit is greater. A link to the Fernelopie website is forthcoming.

Both are my effort to create a sustainable wage for myself while I focus on starting and running this camp. 

Thank you for your support.


- Fern

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Like Lightning (March 8, 2017): Another camp. 3 counselors per cabin of 6 or 7 teenage girls. It served a combination of needs. Some kids had developmental disabilities. Some had experienced trauma. In our cabin, three of the girls were autistic. This girl only seemed to say two things: First was, "Number two no touching!" which meant that she had touched something- or more often, someone, roughly, and a staff had caught her. My assumption is that in school, there are a list of rules, and #2 has to do with not touching others. We'd call her name, she'd shout, "Number two no touching!" we'd affirm it, and she'd put her hands down. The other thing I heard her say was, "NoooOooooo!" as she ran off. At this camp, we tried to be flexible with activities. Often, she and I would spend free-time, skipping and galloping a quarter mile across camp, then skipping and galloping a quarter mile back. She loved it. What she hated, it seems, was swimming. It took three attempts at getting her to join swimming, before we gave in and found alternative activities for her. We could have tried more, but...

We took the girls to the shower room. All the girls showered and put on their swimsuits- some with help. Then we started to walk out of the shower room, when like lightning, her swimsuit came off, and she was running, screaming, "NooOoooo! as a co-counselor and another staff chased her. They caught her fairly quickly, and got her swimsuit on her, and the co-counselor told her "no" every time she'd move her hand to her swimsuit. Same thing the second time. Third time though, she waited until we were halfway to the pool. Then in front of a group of teenage boys, like lightning, her swimsuit was off, and she ran right through the line of boys who all stood speechless, faster than ever before. It took a few minutes for them to catch her and get her swimsuit on. That was when it was decided that she apparently doesn't like to wear a swimsuit, and she was allowed to participate in other activities instead.

This site is a blog and a store:

A place for me to share my passion, and an effort to make myself sustainable while I focus on starting the camp, Polaris Youth.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at polarisyouth@outlook.com.

by Fern Savannah



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My Fire (Feb 28, 2017): There was a young girl - 5 or 6 years old, who arrived one day. She was quiet, and didn't stand out at first. I worked with her and the other girls, guiding them through their first day at camp. At camp, that first day is about meeting the counselor, learning ther rules, and playing ice-breaker games to help them to get to know each other. All my girls seemed timid and sweet, and I expected a great week. Evening came, and I prepared them for bed. With all tucked into bed, this one began sobbing. She said she couldn't sleep. Not wanting her to disturb the others, I pulled her down from her bunk, and cuddled her as I took her out on the front stoop. I sat with her in my arms and rocked her, talking to her, asking her questions to distract her. She kept saying she missed her mom. Nothing I said seemed to help. I drew from my own experience: that kids don't get along with siblings. I thought I'd use this- if she had siblings, I could point out that she was away from them for a few days.

That backfired. I asked her, "Do you have any brothers or sisters?" She answered, "I had a baby brother but he died." She cried harder as she described the details of the step father's anger, leading to her brother's death. Her mom had been found (or assumed) to know about abuse in the home, so my girl could only see her mom with supervision. Up to that point, this was the hardest situation I'd encountered. I continued to rock her, and I sang to her until she fell asleep. She changed my career path. Other kids kept my focus, but with her, I realized that I had the ability to bring comfort to a child - even with a situation as horrible as this. She is the source of my passion to work with abused and emotionally disturbed youth.


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Trains, Bridges, Architecture:

Intro: Welcome to my blog, which will contain stories of my experiences from the past, and related ponderings. My career has been built on serving people- a combination of working with at risk and high risk youth, general population youth, and people with developmental disabilities. I have worked in various camps, in the community, in homes and schools, in group homes, after school programs, day programs, a family shelter, and now at a youth shelter. My stories come from any of these settings. I will go out of my way to ensure the privacy of any individual I mention. Names will be fictitious, and time and location will be absent. Thank you for reading. - Fern

I am working to start a camp that serves youth who are dealing with issues of violence. They may have been abused, witnessed abuse or violent crimes, or may be acting out inappropriately.

I have seen first-hand, how camp impacts this population. It gets them out of their usual routine and environment, and provides opportunities that help youth to see a different future.

This camp will focus on outdoor adventures and community service. Staff will be trained to lead and serve from a Christian perspective, but youth will be welcome, no matter their beliefs, and will not be pressured to participate in religious activities.

If you would like more information, or would like to find out about getting involved, feel free to use the contact form below, to get in touch.

                                     Thank you.

 Everyone has a dream. My dream is to start a camp to serve youth who are dealing with issues of violence.